Life Center | Crikvenica | Croatia

Retreat Center Croatia

Our Life Center was renovated with our guest groups in mind, offers rooms for approx. 120 persons and lies on the northern Croatian Adriatic Sea.

Renting as a Group

We invite Christian groups, congregations and associations to enjoy their meetings, seminars and retreats in our building.


We offer two-room apartments with a view of the Mediterranean for families and private guests; an ideal locations for relaxation or a home-base for activities.

Our Seaside Retreat Center

Life Center: an ideal place to relax and spend time in the Word of God!

For many, a vacation on the sea is an absolute must! Our "Life Center" in the outskirts of the Croatian city of Crikvenica, just across from the island of Krk, has much more to offer than any ordinary beach – even those right at your own doorstep. Aside from the one-and-only beachside accommodations, our guests also enjoy the plethora of outings and activities, be that in town or in the surrounding Great Outdoors! Above all, our guests are offered a truly incomparable atmosphere. It is our wish that – whether attending the Mini Bibleschools and retreats that we have to offer, or the retreats and events hosted by other Christian groups – our guests have the opportunity to sit back, relax, experience fellowship and the voice of God as He speaks through His Word.


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Retretas & Camps (DE)

Our Mission

Our Work’s Goal Has Not Changed in Decades:

We want to invite all of our guests to a life with Jesus Christ and in all circumstances to encourage trust in God. The Christusbund is a congregational union within the Protestant church in the form of an independent organization. We maintain an unrestricted belief in the Word of God as spoken through the Holy Bible. We believe in Jesus Christ and know that He has forgiven our sins and makes our lives new. For many years now and in many areas of our work, we have been given the opportunity to experience fellowship as well as the duty to declare God’s word.

Since our founding, it has been our desire to recruit Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian Christians for Life Center. As a result, various groups from former Yugoslavia come to our center for conferences, seminars and retreats. It has also become our duty to offer such Eastern European Christians and missionaries a safe place where reconciliation and spiritual rejuvenation are possible.